The Vegan Apron

The Vegan Apron
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Monday, May 21, 2007

The Vegan Apron: An Introduction

To all our new (potential) listeners,

What the hell is The Vegan Apron, you ask? A good question. First, let's start with who we are and go from there.

We're a cheerful, food obsessed husband and wife team from Newcastle, NSW, Australia (yes, that's right - downunda).

Both of us grew up in homes that taught a love of food and hearty cooking but it wasn't until six months ago that we made the choice to go vegan. It has been a colourful and joyful journey of innovation and discovery and now we're proud to say that we can hold our own without exploiting our animal neighbours.

We want to invite you to listen and contribute as we wend our way through a plethora of curries, chilis and hand-made goodies. Using fresh produce - including some organic veggies and herbs from our garden - and not a skerrick of animal, we'll cook nutritionally sound, budget friendly meals.

Our big feature will be our weekly challenge. This is where you, our listener, get to vote on a list of ingredients and the winner will star in the weekend cookup.

All recipes made on the show will be posted on our blog with pictures, making for a multimedia jamboree any sane person - vegan or not! - can't resist.

May the Fork be with you!

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