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The Vegan Apron
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Episode 0: Chili non carne and hand-made flour tortillas



1.5 cups of unbleached self raising flour (organic if poss.)
4-5 tbsp of olive oil
3 pinches of salt
1 tbsp of sugar
1/2 cup of warm water

Chili non-Carne

4 cups of kidney beans, drained and rinsed
1 brown onion, diced
2 tbsp of coriander
2 tbsp of cumin
1 tbsp of chilli powder (or paprika for a milder chili)
1 tsp of sugar
3 tbsp of tomato paste
Salt to taste
Water for consistency and to avoid sticking

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Stevie said...

Hey guys! It was totally awesome! I know how difficult it can be to have a podcast (trying to get listeners and all) but I just want you to know you have one listener in Las Vegas (the most unvegan place to live!) :-P

The Vegan Apron said...

Thanks Stevie! Pimp us out to anyone you know.

Jennifer said...

My favorite thing that Australians say is "yeah." 'Cuz it sounds like "yeeeeh." Neat.

Also, "sugar" ("sugah").

Sounds super yummy...I'll give it a go one of these nights for sure.

Brianna said...

awesome, you guys! i had a fun time listening.

Stevie said...

I believe that its "shoo-gah" :-P And I love when you guys say 'so.'

But anyway :-P I've heard that Americans speak pretty funny too from a Canadian and a bunch of Aussies, so -- blah, but you guys sound so much cooler!

shaun.marie said...

nice job on the podcast, and you're brave to tackle tortillas. for some reason, i'm skeptical of my ability to make flat breads, but i think i'll try this. thanks!

iddly said...

Sare, instead of kneading the Tortilla mixture like you do for bread... mix ingredients lightly then roll them out, brush lightly with oil, squish them into a ball, repeat so it has 2 lots of oil. This is much better for the taste factor than traditional kneading. Once you have been doing this for about 20 years you will be able to do 3 lots of oil without them becoming tough :)

While I am passing on the family secrets...

Tortillas should be cooked on a dry pan, no oil please! To prevent them sticking give them a light dusting with flour before putting them into the pan. Another tip to stop them sticking is to move them a few times during the first 30 seconds of cooking. They are ready to be turned about 5 seconds after the aroma hits you. Allow slightly less time for the 2nd side.