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The Vegan Apron
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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Challenge 2: The letter 'B'

Please vote for your favourite ingredient that starts with the letter 'B'! The ingredient with the most votes will star in the weekend cookup.

Voting closes every Friday, 5pm EST.

This week's list of challenge ingredients is as follows:

* Bananas
* Borlotti beans
* Basil
* Blueberries

In the interest of fairness, try and keep it to one vote per person. (This means - recruit listeners for us and voters for you!!)

You may split your vote by giving .5 to an ingredient and the rest to another. This is great for the indecisive among you - I know I am! However, you can't split to quarters or thirds. My brain will reduce to the consistency of agave nectar.


Felicity said...

I have a Blog related Q- I want to search for other blogs with specific interest foci. Is there some way to do this?

Stevie said...


Jess said...


iddly said...

Blueberries...soooooo good.

Nick said...


Anonymous said...


Brianna said...

Blueberries, baby!

Switch said...

Basilmioff, the Russian Basil!!!

Theeph said...


Basilmioff! No, we will not let him go. Let him goooo!