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The Vegan Apron
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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chocolate Truffles - When gluttony breeds with celebration...

So, one half of The Vegan Apron is turning 24 today - awwwww. In celebration of his birthday and steady decline into geekish antiquity, the female half of this Apron decided to make a no-holds-barred chocolate cake. And oho, did I! This cake will probably have you in a) a straightjacket or b) Weight Watchers for the next ten years.

So, the deets: this cake tooks aaaages to construct - I won't pretend it was some easy feat of culinary architecture combining both finesse and speed. Nope. Loads of finesse, no speed. The cake is a chocolate almond fudge, and it is topped with chocolate 'buttercream' and piped maroon chocolate rosettes. Then, in the centre, there is a pile of handmade chocolate truffles, dusted with icing powder, and topped with a delicate spiderweb of chocolate. I wrapped some decorative gold print paper around the sides for kicks, and the whole thing went to work with my husband today so his workmates could gorge themselves. This exchange occurred in g-chat after the cake had made a hoity-toity entrance at work:

Husband: hmm. how about that.
me: what?
Husband: the owner of a multi-million dollar, international software company just said "well done" to you on the cake.
me: 0_0
It all just goes to prove what Matt Ball of Vegan Outreach says: being a vegan isn't about deprivation. I have the waistline to prove it!