The Vegan Apron

The Vegan Apron
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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pic Post!

Food, food, food...where would we be without it? (Err, probably a lot skinnier.) Still, here's some delish pics of what we've been devouring lately.

Vegan Brekkie Fry-Up

Complete with soy bacon (NOM-NOM-NOM), rocket, sauteed garlicky mushrooms, split English muffins and those good ol' rib-stickers - baked beans - this fry-up was a delight to consume.

Late-night Banana Bread
Not to be confused with banana cake, its sweeter cousin, this bread had a rather strange effect on the male half of The Vegan Apron - sudden and unexplained swooning. Could it be the moist crumbs or the rough crunchy exterior? Could it be the immensely comforting cuddling-by-a-fire smell that wafted out of the oven? The mystery remains unsolved.

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