The Vegan Apron

The Vegan Apron
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Food snaps to make you fat just by looking at them

No recipes (comment if you'd like one), but here's a taste of what can be done with some funky vegan skillz in the kitchen. You don't need those cholesterol raising animal products to have a Bacchanalian feast!

Chocolate and Coconut Cake

Moist and decadent, yet (compared to other cakes) refreshingly healthy!

Curried pumpkin pastries

Hearty, pretty and delicious by even the most hardened omni's standards!


zenith said...

I would love both recipes! Vegan food is harder to find down here in Texas...and those look dead sexy.

Jane said...

Guys you can't put photos of gorgeous looking food up without including a recipe! Please include recipes for both so I can stop drooling and go and make :P.